"Love your life, quite cliché but I guess that's me."

One score and 8(ish) years ago I began my journey on this earth. Born and raised in the thin mountain air of Truckee, CA to parents Bucky and Lori (they are lovely), I love snow, and lakes, and high-altitude-short-of-breathness. Education was found in my first journey from the nest, at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. It was here that I discovered tri-tip. As well as the best tools out there to communicate graphically. After soul searching and project management training, I found myself in the city by the bay, designing top level enterprise software collateral by day, and throwing t-shirts to rabid San Francisco Giants fans by night. That has led me to today. Sitting, typing on this MacBook.

Kathleen Lee

My journey has combined a love for the natural beauty all around us, a hunger to succeed and make a dent in the world, and keen sense of practical application of creative abilities. My personality is an anomaly known as the practical creative. The rational emoter. This has made me a designer that strives to create the most visually appealing, yet functional and cost effective work to drive successful business and continuous innovation.

I love solving problems, asking lots and lots of questions, and collaborating with all kinds of peeps.

Also, donuts... and Beyonce.