Sharing is Caring ebook

Created with inbound team at Waterfall. Worked together to brainstorm total content strategy, specific ebook strategy, content flow for first ebook to launch program. Responsible for wire-framing, content flow, and final design after content handoff from inbound team.

This ebook focused on early stage prospects looking for high level information to solve the problem of acquiring more customers in a cost effective way. We selected to focus this ebook on 3 main areas: Viral Sharing, Influencer Marketing and Brand Advocacy. The goal was to help spread brand awareness as a thought leader in the marketing space, while also connecting with prospects that may not yet know they need a mobile solution.

Passbook ebook

My first ebook with Waterfall, designed to be an instructional guide to leveraging Passbook for our prospects mobile marketing efforts, in order to position ourselves as an industry thought leader. Responsible for all design and layout.